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It can be confusing for a first time entrepreneur to understand, especially in this interconnected and at times overhyped world on valuations, when to raise how much and from where. In this session, Vijay Anand, from his experience shares some best practices, with examples of some guidelines to keep in mind while going through this process.

Highlights and Keypoints to be Covered:

1. Why Raise Capital

2. Understanding Value Creation Cycles of Startups. Timing is everything.

3. The Consequences of Outside Capital - Good and Bad

4. Can I get the Valuation that Silicon Valley Companies enjoy?

5. Structuring to get the Best Deal

5. Where to Start.


Vijay Anand

+91 (44) 42148697


The Startup Centre
#45, Montieth Road
Alsa Mall, Second Floor, Egmore
Chennai, Tamil Nadu